Seeking The Assassin


Seeking The Assassin

  1. Seeking The Assassin
  2. Old Dog
  3. Seven for Me and You (Elvis)
  4. Heaven in the Heart
  5. The Milford Girl
  6. Running Out Of Road
  7. Let It Go
  8. The French Girls and The Wine
  9. Like Brothers Before Him
  10. Henry’s Guitar


Seeking The Assassin was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Billy Robinson at his Grooveshack Studios in Ramelton Co. Donegal in November 2015. Billy Robinson is a highly-accomplished musician, sound engineer and record producer who has worked with Mary Black, John Lee Hooker, John Hiatt and many others.

Billy also plays bass on the album and is partnered in the rhythm section by Donegal’s peerless prince of percussion – Seamus Devenny – who also delivers consummate backing and harmony vocals. In addition to many other musical projects, Seamus provides accompaniment, often on fiddle, for his wife Kate O’Callaghan, one of Donegal’s very finest singers. Exceptional lead guitar and sublime pedal steel is provided by Percy Robinson who is one of Ireland’s most highly-respected guitar maestros. Percy has performed for many years with Henry McCullough’s band and continues to play with top musicians in Donegal and further afield. His album Licks From The Sticks demonstrates his superlative pedal steel artistry.

Exquisite lead guitar and fiddle is provided on four tracks by the lavishly-gifted Peadar Coll – Baile na Finne’s incomparable (and sometimes inscrutable) chieftain of chops. Other backing vocals come care of Donegal’s soulful senator of song – Jonathan Smeaton – and another of that county’s most talented and distinctive singer-songwriters and painters – John McNutt. The accordion part on the title track Seeking The Assassin is provided by Rob McVeigh the well-known Holywood-based musician.

“I have tried on this album to showcase my songwriting with a variety of numbers across Americana genres. I will leave the listener to construe what the title “Seeking The Assassin” signifies. However it is obvious that all the songs deal with the demise of one thing or another. The title song playfully depicts an hallucinatory perception of transience at the end of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain. Then there is the death of Elvis Presley whose music, along with that of Bob Dylan and Captain Beefheart, registered the most impact on me whilst growing up as a boy and teenager in the seaside resort of Bangor, County Down, in that period of relative calm prior to the onset of The Troubles of Northern Ireland.

There is a tribute to the seriously ill Henry McCullough – Ireland’s only Woodstock veteran – whom I saw play magnificently many times down the decades.There is the life and death of a doomed 60’s boy close to me, with a nod in the direction of others like him. There is the death of hopes, aspirations and a love affair; the death- by letting go- of damaging obsessions and a protest song against death cults. There is also a murder ballad! That may suggest a gloomy agenda, but much of the album is upbeat in tempo and I hope, ultimately hopeful ”.


Sam R Gibson December 2015.


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